We have helped clients who have suffered with asthma and asthma like symptoms by assisting them to take back control of their breathing. Either controlling stress levels, and/or relieving muscular tension in the ribcage, and/or encouraging relaxation are three areas that have worked for other people. Using a combination of therapeutic approaches such as reflexology, massage, counselling, hypno-analysis, hypnotherapy, hypno-healing, EFT, in fact most of the therapies we practice may be helpful in reducing the symptoms associated with asthma.

We have found Reflexology to be very helpful to our clients, Reflexology stimulates or calms various reflex points on the feet or hands. These points help to break circular patterns of stress and relieve the asthma symptoms, stress is known to be a trigger for asthmatic attacks. (For a more comprehensive explanation of Reflexology see here)

Counselling, hypno-analysis, hypnotherapy, hypno-healing and EFT may also be beneficial to identify and treat areas of stress in your life, enabling you to feel more calm and peaceful and aware of the situations that may trigger a stress response in your body.

Massage can help relax you, relieving physical tension in your body, loosening the chest muscles enabling the lungs to expand and calming stress related symptoms

None of these therapies should be used as an emergency treatment for asthma, but a course of regular treatments may result in a reduction of your asthma symptoms.

Take your first steps of change call us on 01483 370123 or email us here today. However you are recommended to consult your GP or other medically trained consultant and to follow their advice. Further information can be found on the NHS Choices website here.