Brief Interlude began in 1996 after Sue had a serious illness and was given medication and then more medication to combat the first medication and so it went on. Martin at this time was working within the IT area of Heathrow Airport, he also became ill and it was then that Martin decided to look into other methods of healing the body and so his journey began.

Following her illness, Sue was experiencing very frequent migraines and bad headaches, Martin heard about the great healing powers of Reflexology and used this to eliminate the almost daily migraines Sue was experiencing.  This was the turning point for Martin in deciding to pursue a different path in life.

Martin started his health therapy training in massage, followed closely by Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling, EFT and then Colonic Hydrotherapy.

Sue worked in the mental health field and so has always had this interest in how the mind works. She had a few years in the field of local radio and experienced some intense bullying and so this fuelled her interest in healing the mind.  Sue is trained in Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy and Counselling, EFT, and having experienced the healing power of Reiki has trained to Reiki Master level.

Both Sue and Martin’s aim with every client is to discuss their issues and find the best holistic way to help them – it may be through one of the therapies or it may be through integrating them that would be the best way forward. Sue and Martin’s approach though is always client led.