Counselling seems to be a word that is used a lot these days but it’s really only having someone to talk to that isn’t going to judge your thoughts or feelings. We at some point in our lives always need someone to talk to; whether it’s a difficult decision you need to make or whether it’s a difficult time in your life, sometimes you just need someone to help you work through your thoughts.

Counselling doesn’t make the decision for you, only you can do that but it can help you to understand your feelings, help you to realise that it’s ok to be you!

We have helped clients work through their difficulties with partners or with family issues, also with more personal worries and low self-esteem. We have successfully helped clients with the more complex issues associated with ME. Whatever your concerns are that are hindering you enjoying your life, we can help you attain the tools to help you achieve the change you desire.

There is an enormous amount of power in those words you will achieve the change you desire – we are here to help you do just that!

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